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Command line parameters

Ashley Davis edited this page Jun 11, 2019 · 10 revisions

Data-Forge Notebook can be started from the command line and supports the following parameters:

> data-forge-notebook [<open-file-path>] [options]

open-file-path is the optional path of a notebook file to open.

The options can also be used:

  • --headless Start DFN in headless mode with no UI.
  • --script=<script-file-path> Run a command script against DFN. This can be used to automate DFN.
  • --log=<log-file-path> Redirect the log file to a particular location.
  • --cwd=<directory-path> Set the current working directory for the DFN session.

More command line parameters to be added as needed!

If you have need of something please submit an issue.

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