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Ashley Davis edited this page Jun 11, 2019 · 10 revisions

Data-Forge Notebook wouldn't exist without the early adopters whose support for me has made this happen.

Prior to launching version 1 over 50 people bought Data-Forge Notebook and there were many other friends, family, colleagues and JavaScript community members who encouraged me to build this product.

Thank you all so much.

These are the supporters who gave permission to be listed:

Name Postion/Company Contact details
Khursani Fullstack Software Engineer at Vase
Cristiano Belloni Software Engineer at
Tony Nilsson
Paolo Leopardi Software Developer,
Brian Enochson CTO at The Java Experts,
Siva Karasala UI Developer at Charter Communications
Peter Srajer Senior Data Scientist - Geospatial at Wellsite Masters
Matthew Abts CPA
Dylan Hall CTO at Persee Ventures
Eugene Duvenage Technology and Innovation Specialist

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