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A place for the data community to collect useful examples of NZ data use
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This is a proof of concept site for matching up New Zealand data with examples that people can follow along that use that data.

Using it to find data or examples

Open the file and either browse through it or use the web browsers text find options to find specific things you are looking for.

Adding examples of your own

To add examples you have created and shared, you are going to need to be comfortable enough with GitHub to make a pull request. The general plan is:

  • make you own fork of the repo
  • update your copy of by adding one entry for each data source used (this is to allow for different data sources having different licences)
  • make a pull request to have the changes flow back to the original copy

Contributors guide

Information about the data should, in general, rest with the data so that if people go directly to the data they can see all relevant information. Information about the example should rest with the example for the same reasons. This is just the minimal amount to help people judge if they want to explore the data and the example

Data Description

What it is data of? Are there any points you think people need to know before going near the data.

Data URL

Where does one get the data? In general if there is a page from the data provider that described the data then links to it on that page, that is the most useful page to link to. If you use more than one data source, it is best to create an entirely separate entry for each

Data Licence

If you happen to to the licence (what people are allowed to do with the data), mentioning it here means people can make an initially judgement about if the data is just not useful to their purpose.

Example Title:

What is a summary title for you example.

Example Description

What does your example exemplify (in a little detail)?

Example Code URL

Where can people find the code of your example if your are sharing code?- if not, leave blank

Example Code Licence

As the author, and particularly if your example has computer code you wrote, what are you authorizing people can do with the code?

Example Product URL

If it is a finished product example, like a graph or interactive website or whatever, where can people find it?

Example Software

To help people know if it is an example of a tool they want to learn, what software (for example R, Python, SAS, Excel) do you use in the example?

Author Contact

If you want interested people to talk to you about the example, how should they contact you. This is public. It is OK to say none if you don't want to be contacted.

Unilateral formatting decision

I (speaking as the original creator, have tried as much as possible to avoid markdown/white space interactions in, just in case people are not used to writing markdown.

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