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Marine Ecological Research Management AID

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  1. mermaidr mermaidr Public

    R package for accessing MERMAID authenticated API endpoints

    R 10 1

  2. mermaid-api mermaid-api Public

    Core authenticated MERMAID data read/write API

    Python 7 2

  3. mermaid-dash mermaid-dash Public

    MERMAID global dashboard

    JavaScript 5 1

  4. mermaid-webapp mermaid-webapp Public

    Web app for offline-compatible data collection and synchonization with API

    JavaScript 4

  5. mermaid-collect mermaid-collect Public

    MERMAID data collection web app

    JavaScript 2 1

  6. covar-api covar-api Public

    Coral reef covariate API

    Python 1


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