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MERMAID data collection web app
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Master Branch Mermaid-Collect

Dev Branch Mermaid-Collect

Auth0 Settings

  1. Copy a file called src/auth0-variables-template.js to src/auth0-variables.js
  2. Populate your Auth0 client id, domain and audience.


To run the code in your development environment:

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Ensure you are running Node Version LTS Carbon
  3. Run npm install
  4. Run bower install

Now with all dependencies installed

  1. Start the development server gulp local
  2. Point your browser to http://localhost:8888


To build minified version:

  • Run npm run prod

Offline Service Worker Notes

In Chrome, a hard refresh bypasses service workers as per the service worker spec. As such, if you hard refresh a page when offline, the page request will ignore service workers and make a network request.

Additionally, if the application is online, and a hard refresh occurs in any state of the app, the current page will bypass the service worker and will no longer be controlled by the service worker. If going offline immediately after an online hard refresh, the service worker will not control requests and network errors will occur when navigating.

Chrome Dev Tools allow for offline simulation. However, if visiting an offline page by checking "offline" in Chrome Dev Tools, there is an initial period where navigator.onLine will still return true. For true offline testing, it is best to test by disconnecting from your internet connection.

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