Creating a deep learning model that can recognize facial features
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Multi-label-Inception-net Image Classification

Modified script to allow multi-label image classification using pretrained Inception net.

The has also been slightly modified to write out the resulting class percentages into results.txt.

Detailed explanation of all the changes and reasons behind them:


All code is found in the src folder and temporary files that are created in the tmp folder.

Images should be self-supplied.


  1. Make sure you have images in the correct folders. In more detail: under image_files in the correct folder (i.e. hat or no hat).
  2. run 'python src/' to create labels. Make sure 'tmp/labels.txt' contains the correct labels (e.g. male/female) corresponding to the subdirectories of e.g. image_files/male and image_files/female
  3. Copy images from image_files to a folder containing all images with this folder-structure images/multi-label/. This folder containing all images is used for training (in contrast to the above one which was used for labelling).
  4. If cropped images are prefered, use the 'src/' script to create another directory containing these images. I use images-cropped/multi-label/ as the output folder for the crop_faces script. (Don't forget to change the image folder to be used in the script in this case!)
  5. train the model by 'bash src/'

For training on new data or categories check under 'additional info'. For both, it helps if you clear the tmp folder.

A helper function which can instantly provide you the class balance of labels is 'python src/'

note: we recognize having images in multiple locations is suboptimal. However since there was a time constraint on this project, structure optimzation was not a priority as much as actual results!

Visualize training progress

After the retraining is done you can view the logs by running:

tensorboard --logdir retrain_logs

and navigating to in your browser.

Testing the trained model

Run: python src/ <image_name> from project root to check an individual prediction

Run: 'python src/ <image_folder/>' to predict results for multiple test images (results are printed in 'tmp/results_testing_function.txt')

Additional info

If you want to try the original Inception net retraining, here is an excellent CodeLab:

If you want to add extra fotos:

  1. Add these fotos to image_files groups (so that new labels can be created)
  2. Add these fotos to images/multi-label so that they can be used for training.

If you want to create new categories:

  1. Create corresponding folders in image_files so that labels can be assigned based on folder name (e.g.: dark,light, no_hair).
  2. Put correct images in each folder and also add these to images/multi-label/ so they can be used for training.
  3. Make sure src/labels.txt contains correct labels you want to use.
  4. retrain as explained under 'training'.


Apache License, Version 2.0