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Nancy J. Cooke and Margaret L. Hilton (Eds). "Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science." 2015

As a member of the National Research Council Committee on the Science of Team Science, co-authored a 2015 report along with Nancy J. Cooke (Chair), Roger D. Blandford, Jonathon N. Cummings, Stephen M. Fiore, Kara L. Hall, James S. Jackson, John L. King, Steven W. J. Kozlowski, Judith S. Olson, Jeremy A. Sabloff, Daniel S. Stokols, and Hannah Valantine, 2015.

Table of Contents

Effective team size

illusion of team size, the core team does not really increase.

不同team size的team的leader在每个月lead的概率。

<math>H = \sum_{i = 1}^{M} f_i log_2 f_i </math>

<math>f_i = w_i / W </math>

Github Research

Brian Uzzi

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Dashun Wang

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Jim Bagrow

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