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Easy to use and accessible charting library for Elm.
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An opinionated and accessible charting library for Elm based on gampleman/elm-visualization.

The aim of this package is to make it easy to create some basic chart types. It is an opinionated library because every charting module represents a very specific charting choice, that also requires a specific data structure. For example, the Line module is a time-line chart, that expects time values on the X axis and float values on the Y axis.

If your aim is to build some personalized charting types not covered here, then you should use elm-visualization directly.

All chart modules will be as much accessible as possible, but for now this is still a work in progress.

The Chart.Bar module is almost feature complete.

The Chart.Line module is still a work in progress and has limited functionality.


cd examples && elm reactor

Then navigate the examples in the browser.



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