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Translational workforce roles and persona profiles
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We're glad you came by to check out CTS-Personas! We welcome input and feedback from anyone interested in our project. There are several ways to contribute:

  • The #personas channel on the CD2H Slack is the place to reach out to the Personas team in CD2H.
  • More details about engaging with the Personas team can be found here.
  • Contact Sara if you have any questions about our work.

Translational workforce roles and persona profiles

This project will encompass and describe the diversity of roles in the clinical and translational science ecosystem. By identifying CTS roles, establishing a persona to represent each role, and providing each persona with a profile, we will document the needs, motivations, goals, and pain points in CTS roles that will be used to inform software development, use cases, teaching materials, and more for the CTSA community.

Problem Statement

The concept of the translational workforce is an important one and plays a prominent role in the work and communication of CTSA Program hubs, NCATS, and beyond. However, to date, a defined list of translational workforce roles in CTS does not exist. Here, we aim to better define the specific roles included in the translational workforce, establish a set of personas to reflect those roles, construct a portfolio of these persona profiles, and disseminate broadly to the CTSA program and to the CD2H for use in development of use cases, communications, training materials, and more.

Project Description

We propose to develop a CTS Persona Portfolio to represent the diverse roles in CTS. The CTS personas will reflect the spectrum of translation and the diversity of roles required for successful translation at the local hub level and span across the translational signposts as defined by NCATS of Basic Research → Pre-Clinical Research → Clinical Research → Clinical Implementation → Public Health. By compiling lists of CTS position descriptions and roles, completing research elucidating the needs, motivations, goals, technological proficiency and pain points of those occupying these roles, and condensing the research into easy to understand, one-page Personas profiles, we hope to assist and inform CTSA program sites, partner sites, and beyond in developing sofware solutions, training and engagement materials, and more.

Alignment to program objectives

TODO see here

Want to work with us? Get involved!

  • Please go here to learn more about our needs, get on board, how to make good first contributions, and more! We're excited to have you join us.

  • Want to ask a question or just say hi? Please do! If you'are onboard already, you can find us on the #Personas channel on the CD2H Slack

Contact Person

Point person (github handle) Site
Sara Gonzales (@saragon02) Northwestern


Lead(s) (github handle) Site
Sara Gonzales (@saragon02) Northwestern

Team Members

See team members page.


  • Personas 1-pager template
  • Set of Persona 1-pagers, spanning the translational workforce
  • User guide for employing the Personas with sample use cases
  • Bibliography of sources on the CTS workforce
  • Engagement and outreach to the CTSA hubs

Working documents

The project Google Drive folder is accessible to onboarded participants.

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