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Educational resource and competency harmonization project

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Educational Landscape Project

Problem statement

Educational resources are often difficult to find and utilize in the context of research, trial planning, and precision education. This project aims to reveal the landscape of existing resources and platforms, understand requirements for searching and using them, and make recommendations for a CTSA-wide strategic plan for CTSA training and educational resource discovery.

Project description

There is outstanding expertise in mentoring and domain-specific training across the CTSA consortium. Enhancing the discoverability and dissemination of the associated educational and training materials developed across the CTSAs will have an immediate impact on the career development and workforce training capability. CD2H will support improving discoverability, metadata/ontology development, curating and enhancing content. This will also allow coordination with other NCATS efforts, like the Development, Implementation and AssessMent of Novel Training in Domain-based Competencies (DIAMOND) which offers a personalized pathway for training in clinical research and N-Ligthen, a federated platform for education resource sharing. We will also work closely the CLIC EDU lead, CTSAs and associated working groups on identifying and prioritizing other personalized pathways to this resource.

Key focus areas:

  1. Development of intitial proposal of Minimal Information about Educational Resources (MIER) for light-weight curation (based on N-lighten ontology) for community review and refinement
  2. Support for and extension of the N-Lighten Ontology

Alignment to program objectives

FOA.5: Stimulate the use of cutting edge biomedical research informatics by providing data science education for CTSA Program researchers. Disseminate educational informatics resources and other products and provide a forum that will provide an assessment of the value of these products. Disseminate high-quality educational resources and materials (e.g. Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs), including workshops, externship offerings, conferences and courses.

Contact person

Point person (github handle) Site Program Director
Shannon McWeeney (@wondermixtape) OHSU Melissa Haendel (@mellybelly)


Project scientific leadership, should be 1-3 persons.

Lead(s) (github handle) Site
Metadata: Bill Hersh (@williamhersh) OHSU
MIER: Ted Laderas (@laderast) OHSU
Lee Nadler (N-Lighten)
Rebecca Jackson (N-Lighten)
Carolynn Jones (Diamond)
Alfred Vitale (CLIC-EDU)

Team members




Educational Landscape Analysis

Ontology and search requirements

Educuational resource discovery strategic plan

Get involved

We encourage the community to get involved.

Working documents

The project Google drive folder is accessible to onboarded participants.


Educational resource and competency harmonization project







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