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Open Source Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Browser (Leaf)

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Problem statement

Academic medical centers and health systems are increasingly challenged with supporting appropriate secondary uses of data from a multitude of sources. To that end, the UW Medicine Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) has emerged as a central port for all data that can include clinical, research, administrative, financial and other data types. Although EDW’s have been popular and successful in providing a single stop for data, they are often non-self service and require an informatician or clinical informatics expert to access.

Project description

We have developed an easy to use, self service web-based tool for querying, browsing and extracting clinical cohorts from the UW Medicine EDW, called Leaf. Leaf enables querying by data dictionaries or ontologies and allows both de-identified and identified access to patient data and grants access to these datasets in a compliant manner. While Leaf provides basic visualizations, it contains robust tools for exporting directly to REDCap projects. The users of Leaf include both quality improvement and research investigators and has been developed using an Agile development process with a soft production rollout to identify and address software, support and data quality concerns.

Contact person

Point person (github handle) Site Program Director
Liz Zampino (@ezampino) UW Adam Wilcox (@abwilcox)


Lead(s) (github handle) Site
Nic Dobbins (@ndobb) UW
Adam Wilcox (@abwilcox) UW

Team members

Team members can be found here


Leaf Code: here


  • Pilot Plan Framework. For each pilot site a collaborative document will be created with the Leaf team that outlines purpose and goals, scope, timeline, communication plan and feedback actitivies. We will achieve this by having bi-weekly chats with project management team and quartly chats with executive team. This deliverable supports the Leaf team and pilot site, enabling both to have a clear understanding, minimizing risk.

  • Open Source licensed Leaf code. Clean and polished code available on GitHub with extensive documentation for deployment. This will be accomplished through expertise gained through the deployment of Leaf on the UW infrastructure. A well organized/define repository supports the independent deployment of Leaf at a CTSA site.

  • Evaluation Pilot paper. This paper will discuss and outline the accomplishments of implementing Leaf at 2-3 CTSA hubs. This paper will serve as an information source for institutions to deploy Leaf independently at their site and serves as a companion to the repository.

  • Leaf manuscript. This paper serves the purpose of gaining traction in the community and also serves as a way to educate the community on Leaf.


View the project milestones here


View the Evaluation component here


View the education component here

Get involved

View the engagement component here

Working documents

Team collaborative working folder can be found here

Slack room

#leaf-edw is accessible to participants that have been onboarded


Open Source Clinical Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Browser (Leaf)







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