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Reusable Data best practice portal (rdp-portal)

CTSA hubs produce many valuable datasets which can be shared across the broader research community. A significant gap exists between the data providers and the data discovery portals where researchers look for relevant datasets (including the generic Google Dataset search and many biomedical specific data portals). Data providers typically lack sufficient guides to expose their dataset metadata to these data portals. This web-based data-sharing best-practice will serve as the interactive widgets to guide through the important steps of data-sharing, which will make providers' datasets discoverable through multiple data portals.

Problem statement

This portal aims to help investigators share their data (or information about their data) using best practices for metadata, identifiers, licensing, and other attributes; the goal is to enable discovery and reuse.

Project description

The biomedical and informatics communities have largely endorsed the spirit and basic components of the FAIR Data Principles. Biomedical data producers, including CTSA hubs, need actionable best-practice guidance on how to make their data discoverable and reusable, and bring the practical benefits of data sharing to researcher’s own research projects, as well as the research community as a whole. This project will target the specific steps during the data-sharing process, such as data-hosting, data-licensing and metadata-authoring.

Alignment to program objectives

TODO see here

Contact person

We require a contact person for each project for administrative purposes. Each project should also have a CD2H Program director assigned.

Point person (github handle) Site Program Director
Chunlei Wu (@newgene) Scripps Melissa Haendel (@mellybelly)


Lead(s) (github handle) Site
Chunlei Wu (@newgene) Scripps
Robin Champieux (@rchampieux) OHSU
Kristi Holmes (@kristiholmes) Northwestern

Team members

see team page



A collaborative guidebook, an interactive web portal, and an metadata-authoring web portal


The milestones for this rdp-portal project is here:

We are still in the process of finalizing them.


Each project should propose a set of evaluation measures, recorded in a separate Evaluation Plan file, for example here. These will be reviewed by the Evaluation committee and approved by the Program Directors and NCATS. The Evaluation committee will meet with each Project team leads to assist.

Each project should have Evaluation-realated issues, that can be tagged with the "evaluation" tag. see Example Evaluation Issue


Each project should propose a set of educational activities, listed separately in the Education Plan file. Please reference any of the following that apply:

  • Educational resources that will be generated (these can be milestones and/or files in the repo)
  • Educational opportunities (please indicate for which type of learner and how to participate)
  • Best practices guides

Please include education related issues where relevant, tagged with "education".

Get involved

We encourage the community to get involved.

We require all CD2H projects to have non-CD2H CTSA participants, as CD2H is a CTSA coordinating center. Each project should include an Engagement plan file, example here.

Please tag any engagment related issues with "engagement".

Working documents

Documentation may be natively in GitHub using the wiki or .md files in the appropriate folder, or in Google Drive. Documentating projects in Github

The project Google drive folder is accessible to onboarded participants.

Slack room

The project slack room is accessible to onboarded participants. You will not automatically be added to Slack, please join via the link above.

Need help with GitHub? See the Managing Tranlational Informatics Projects (MTIP) tutorial

This tutorial covers markdown basics and more.