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Event Time Windows Example

This example shows how to use event time windows in Apache Flink

The simple example creates a synthetic stream of sensor readings from a set of sensors. The readings are created roughly every 5 seconds, but have a have varying delay, which causes them to arrive out of order and delayed.

The stream is analyzed in three ways simultaneously, printing the results to stdout:

  • Low-latency event-at-a-time filter: Readings above a certain cause immediately alerts (latency of milliseconds afterevent arrival).

  • Processing Time Windows: Getting the maximum of all sensors in a group of sensors every 5 seconds (based on event arrival).

  • Event Time Windows: Computing average reading per sensor per minute (sliding) based on event timestamp. The windows have a delay of a few seconds, because they are only computed once the event time watermark signals that all relevant events have been received.

The main class of this applications are Application.java (Java), and Application.scala (Scala) respectively.