jamJAR: Jamf, AutoPKG & Munki combined by dataJAR
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I have a Jamf, I have a Munki... uh... jamJAR!


jamJAR is a solution that applies out of the box thinking & lean methodologies to macOS "patch management".

This holistic approach synergises jamf, autopkg & munki into an aggregated convergence that cherry-picks functionality from each products core competency to create an innovative, scalable & modular update framework.

For more information, please visit the wiki.


University of Utah, MacAdmins Meeting. April 2017 - https://stream.lib.utah.edu/index.php?c=details&id=12885

macad.uk. Feb 2017 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiDWCqwUSIM&feature=youtu.be