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jamJAR combines Jamf Pro & Munki. Leveraging policies from Jamf Pro & the LocalOnlyManifest option from Munki.

Jamf Pro updates items in a Mac Clients jamJAR LocalOnlyManifest & then runs Munki. After every Munki run, the jamJAR postflight then processes the ManagedInstallReport.plist found within the Managed Installs directory &, (based on conditions explained later), either:

  • Removes the item(s) from the LocalOnlyManifest.
  • Sends a notification that the item(s) have been installed.
  • Sends a notification that installs are pending & advises a logout.
  • If an install occurs, updates the clients inventory on Jamf Pro, & the optional jamJAR extension attribute.


To start using jamJAR, the following requirements must be met:

  • A working & tested Munki setup.
  • A working & tested Jamf Pro instance is also needed.

If you're a Jamf Admin and don't currently have munki, have a look at Munki for the Jamf Admin.

Client Setup

With the above Requirements met, we can now look at setting up things client side.

This is covered in the following:

Jamf Pro Setup

How it Works

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