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A stupidly simple proxy/VPN checker, in API form
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A stupidly simple proxy/VPN checker, in API form


ProxyNet is a simple proxy checker which identifies usage traffic originating from a proxy or VPN. Please be aware that this tool may not detect every single proxy or VPN, and some may slip by the cracks. However, this will net most proxies.

API Abuse Notice

Please do not call this on every single page you have even if your traffic is low. This script does not cache any IP addresses. Call ProxyNet only when needed (for example: on a login page or form submission backend). API abuse will result in your server's IP being blacklisted from using the ProxyNet API.

The following logs are kept on the ProxyNet central server:

  • Server IP address
  • Total requests made (flushed every 30 days)
  • Timestamp of last request

IP addresses you send to ProxyNet to check are not stored.


  • Cloudflare Support
  • Toggle On/Off
  • IP Whitelist
  • Default Block Page

Planned Additions

  • IP Range Whitelist
  • Verbose Details Setting


It's as simple as this:


if(checkProxy() == true){
echo"Proxy detected.";
echo"Proxy not detected.";
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