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This is a work in progress for the Kansas City Ruby group's rtanque competition, starting June 23, 2013.

About rtanque

What is this? RTanque is a game for ( Ruby ) programmers. Players program the brain of a tank and then send their tank+brain into battle with other tanks. All tanks are otherwise equal.

More details on the rtanque github repo.


Rounds will be run on Sunday nights, starting June 23, 2013. We will do a fresh pull of every bot that has been submitted, run each bot against each other bot, and post the results.

We'll have 4 weekly rounds, where you can change your code to make your bot better. Average placement will determine the winner!

We're planning on recording the the matches so that you can playback and watch your bot's performance.

Bot code will not be made public by default.


  • Don't cheat.
  • You can work with someone else.
  • You can submit multiple entries, but they can't collude.


Participation is limited to the Kansas City based community. If you work remotely for a Kansas City based company, we'll consider you.

How to submit

  • upload your bot's code to a private gist
    • bot filename must end in .rb
  • fill out this google form with the following information:
    • your name
    • gist ID from above
    • twitter handle


Coming soon.


To be determined.

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