A modular, containerized pipeline for ATAC-seq data processing
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BiocProject update vignette, see #73 Dec 21, 2018
anno match chrM naming to refgenie build Sep 27, 2018
containers add samblaster Jan 3, 2019
examples add tutorial example files Aug 19, 2018
pipelines Zip unmapped files; #71 Dec 21, 2018
tests Rename pipeline files to pepatac Jun 25, 2018
tools suppress print warnings Dec 31, 2018
.gitignore update to ignore jekyll stuff Nov 1, 2018
CHANGELOG.md update prior to release Jan 3, 2019
Makefile Rename pipeline files to pepatac Jun 25, 2018
README.md Merge pull request #75 from databio/dev Jan 3, 2019
example_cmd.txt Rename pipeline files to pepatac Jun 25, 2018
pipeline_interface.yaml make samblaster default; add lite option to save disk space Nov 13, 2018
requirements-test.txt add test reqs file Jul 14, 2017
requirements.txt Merge Apr 28, 2017
update_usage_docs.sh update usage docs Jun 25, 2018
usage.txt make cmd echo consistent; update usage Nov 15, 2018