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Administrator interface and tools for managing CKAN Data Catalogs

(under development)

ckan-multisite overview

ckan-multisite includes three main components:

  1. HTTP router
  2. Multisite admin
  3. datacats

To use this project you must have a wildcard domain configured e.g. *.mysite.mydomain that will route visitors to your server. For development you may add static entries in your /etc/hosts file.

HTTP router

ckan-multisite includes nginx configuration that will route incoming connections on port 80 to the multisite admin application or to one of many CKAN sites on the same server.

multisite admin

The multisite admin application is a flask application that may be used to:

  1. create ckan instances
  2. remove ckan instances
  3. reset admin passwords

These are implemented by using datacats as a library to manage all the necessary docker containers and issue commands within those containers

datacats environment

The default datacats environment includes many of the common ckan extensions and a safe default configuration. This same environment is used for all CKAN sites created by ckan-multisite.

You may replace the configuration, and extensions on your server with a new datacats environment that suits your organization's needs.

For more information about using datacats environments, see the datacats documentation.


Recommended specifications for a server running CKAN-Multisite are a fresh Ubuntu 14.04 Server machine. For this supported platform we have developed an automated installation script. This script should run if you execute the script in the root directory of this repository. It will create a virtualenv and install various packages that are required for the operation of multisite itself.

If you wish to do a manual install of CKAN-multisite, the script is fairly self-documenting and you should be able to read through it and get a good idea of what needs to be installed and set up.


This software is licensed under the MIT license, but incorporates software from boxkite (datacats) and Open Knowledge (ckan) which are released under the terms of the AGPLv3 license.


Administrator interface and tools for managing CKAN Data Catalogs.







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