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dbdeployer 1.19.0

@datacharmer datacharmer released this
· 207 commits to master since this release
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Introduce flavors, capabilities, and support for TiDB

  • Implement Issue #49 Add support for --client-from=X
  • Implement Issue #50 Change evaluation of version to include a flavor
  • Fix Issue #51 unpack command fails when tarball name doesn't include a version
  • Implement Issue #52 unpack command should create a FLAVOR file for the extracted tarball
  • Add command "dbdeployer admin capabilities [flavor [version]]"
  • Ensure tiDB binaries are recognized as valid.
  • Look for mysql_install_db only when flavor + version need it.
  • Fix Go native tests to use flavor and client basedir.
  • Code formatting.
  • Add tiDB templates
  • update .gitignore and improve main test script
  • Add use template, fixed bug in CONTRIBUTING
  • fix bug in add_option filename
  • Add fix to kill script
  • Add check for template name uniqueness
  • Add check for tidb template names to use a known prefix
  • Add check to prevent replication with tidb flavor
  • Add flavor detection based on files in expanded tarball
  • Fix unpack panic when top directory not in tarball
  • Add tests for TiDB, flavor detection, capabilities
  • Fix Issue #48 MySQLx and group replication
  • Fix Issue #48 "can't enable mysqlx and group replication at the same time"
  • Add new script and better flavor support
  • Change "remote get" docs to reflect changed names
  • Fix Issue #62 TiDB fails on MacOS
  • Add script "after_start" to sandboxes (does nothing by default, but it is used by TiDB to clean-up unwanted scripts)
  • Add pidfile support for TiDB (#64)
  • Change tiDB use and status to use regular template
  • Fix other templates to return compatible error codes and messages
  • Improve Travis test execution flow
  • Fix mock tests for TiDB
  • Add functional tests for TiDB