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command line completion

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Command line completion


There is a file ./docs/, which is automatically generated with dbdeployer API documentation. If you want to use bash completion on the command line, copy the file to the bash completion directory. For example:

# Linux
$ sudo cp ./docs/ /etc/bash_completion.d
$ source /etc/bash_completion

$ sudo cp ./docs/ /usr/local/etc/bash_completion.d
$ source /usr/local/etc/bash_completion

There is a dbdeployer command that does all the above for you:

dbdeployer defaults enable-bash-completion --remote --run-it

When completion is enabled, you can use it as follows:

$ dbdeployer [tab]
    admin  defaults  delete  deploy  global  sandboxes  unpack  usage  versions
$ dbdeployer dep[tab]
$ dbdeployer deploy [tab][tab]
    multiple     replication  single
$ dbdeployer deploy s[tab]
$ dbdeployer deploy single --b[tab][tab]
    --base-port=     --bind-address=