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exporting dbdeployer structure

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Exporting dbdeployer structure


If you want to use dbdeployer from other applications, it may be useful to have the command structure in a format that can be used from several programming languages. There is a command for that (since dbdeployer 1.28.0) that produces the commands and options information structure as a JSON structure.

$ dbdeployer export -h
Exports the command line structure, with examples and flags, to a JSON structure.
If a command is given, only the structure of that command and below will be exported.
Given the length of the output, it is recommended to pipe it to a file or to another command.

  dbdeployer export [command [sub-command]] [ > filename ] [ | command ]  [flags]

  export, dump

      --force-output-to-terminal   display output to terminal regardless of pipes being used
  -h, --help                       help for export