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initializing the environment

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Initializing the environment


Immediately after installing dbdeployer, you can get the environment ready for operations using the command

$ dbdeployer init

This command creates the necessary directories, then downloads the latest MySQL binaries, and expands them in the right place. It also enables command line completion.

Running the command without options is what most users need. Advanced ones may look at the documentation to fine tune the initialization.

$ dbdeployer init -h
Initializes dbdeployer environment: 
* creates $SANDBOX_HOME and $SANDBOX_BINARY directories
* downloads and expands the latest MySQL tarball
* installs shell completion file

  dbdeployer init [flags]

      --dry-run                 Show operations but don't run them
  -h, --help                    help for init
      --skip-all-downloads      Do not download any file (skip both MySQL tarball and shell completion file)
      --skip-shell-completion   Do not download shell completion file
      --skip-tarball-download   Do not download MySQL tarball