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sandbox deletion

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Sandbox deletion


The sandboxes can also be deleted, either one by one or all at once:

$ dbdeployer delete -h 
Halts the sandbox (and its depending sandboxes, if any), and removes it.
Warning: this command is irreversible!

  dbdeployer delete sandbox_name (or "ALL") [flags]

  delete, remove, destroy


	$ dbdeployer delete msb_8_0_4
	$ dbdeployer delete rsandbox_5_7_21

      --concurrent     Runs multiple deletion tasks concurrently.
      --confirm        Requires confirmation.
  -h, --help           help for delete
      --skip-confirm   Skips confirmation with multiple deletions.
      --use-stop       Use 'stop' instead of 'send_kill destroy' to halt the database servers

You can lock one or more sandboxes to prevent deletion. Use this command to make the sandbox non-deletable.

$ dbdeployer admin lock sandbox_name

A locked sandbox will not be deleted, even when running dbdeployer delete ALL.

The lock can also be reverted using

$ dbdeployer admin unlock sandbox_name