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skip server start

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Skip server start


By default, when sandboxes are deployed, the servers start and additional operations to complete the topology are executed automatically. It is possible to skip the server start, using the --skip-start option. When this option is used, the server is initialized, but not started. Consequently, the default users are not created, and the database, when started manually, is only accessible with user root without password.

If you deploy with --skip-start, you can run the rest of the operations manually:

$ dbdeployer deploy single --skip-start 5.7.21
$ $HOME/sandboxes/msb_5_7_21/start
$ $HOME/sandboxes/msb_5_7_21/load_grants

The same can be done for replication, but you need also to run the additional step of initializing the slaves:

$ dbdeployer deploy replication --skip-start 5.7.21 --concurrent
$ $HOME/sandboxes/rsandbox_5_7_21/start_all
$ $HOME/sandboxes/rsandbox_5_7_21/master/load_grants
# NOTE: only the master needs to load grants. The slaves receive the grants through replication
$ $HOME/sandboxes/rsandbox_5_7_21/initialize_slaves

Similarly, for group replication

$ dbdeployer deploy replication --skip-start 5.7.21 --topology=group --concurrent
$ $HOME/sandboxes/group_msb_5_7_21/start_all
$ $HOME/sandboxes/group_msb_5_7_21/node1/load_grants
$ $HOME/sandboxes/group_msb_5_7_21/node2/load_grants
$ $HOME/sandboxes/group_msb_5_7_21/node3/load_grants
$ $HOME/sandboxes/rsandbox_5_7_21/initialize_nodes

WARNING: running sandboxes with --skip-start is provided for advanced users and is not recommended. If the purpose of skipping the start is to inspect the server before the sandbox granting operations, you may consider using --pre-grants-sql and --pre-grants-sql-file to run the necessary SQL commands (see Sandbox customization below.)