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"@context": "",
"@type": "SoftwareSourceCode",
"@id": "",
"agents": {
"@id": "",
"@type": "person",
"name": "Martin Fenner",
"affiliation": "DataCite",
"mustBeCited": true,
"isMaintainer": true,
"isRightsHolder": true
"identifier": "",
"codeRepository": "",
"controlledTem": "software",
"dateCreated": "2015-11-28",
"datePublished": "2017-02-24",
"dateModified": "2017-02-24",
"description": "Ruby utility library for network requests. Based on Faraday and Excon, provides a wrapper for XML/JSON parsing and error handling. All successful responses are returned as hash with key data, all errors in a JSONAPI-friendly hash with key errors.",
"isAutomatedBuild": true,
"licenseId": "MIT",
"publisher": "DataCite",
"tags": [
"title": "Maremma: a Ruby library for simplified network calls",
"programmingLanguage": {
"name": "Ruby",
"version": "≥ 2.3.3",
"URL": ""
"readme": ""