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title: The Development of an Information System for the Solidarity Economy Movement
date: 2011-09-15 00:00:00 Z
layout: post
<div class="field field-name-body field-type-text-with-summary field-label-hidden"><div class="field-items"><div class="field-item even" property="content:encoded"><p>This is a very excellent article that might inform our data commons work, outlining some of the structure, process, successes and challenges of Brazil's online efforts to promote and connect solidarity economy initiatives: <a href=""></a></p>
<blockquote><p><strong>The Development of an Information System for the Solidarity Economy Movement</strong><br /> Alan Freihof Tygel, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro<br /> Celso Alexandre Souza de Alvear, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro</p>
<p>This article aims to describe and analyze the development process of Cirandas (<a href=""></a>), an information system geared towards the Solidarity Economy community in Brazil. The creation of a virtual community incorporated in a real community permits an analysis of the similarities and differences between both instances of the community.</p>