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title: Data flows
date: 2014-04-10 00:00:00 Z
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<p>Hello dear <a href="">member</a> of the Data Commons
including our two newest members, <a href="">Solidarity Piedmont</a>
and <a href="">Shareable and the Sharing Cities Network</a>. This is our first newsletter
with a few updates about how some of you are making use of your membership
in the Data Commons Cooperative. We are all learning as we go, in this brand
new area of data sharing. And&ndash;call us nerdy&ndash;but the sight of a &ldquo;<a href="{{site.baseurl}}/2014/04/04/changelog.html">change log</a>&rdquo;
of all the new time banks, co-op start-ups, loans, address changes and news of defunct
businesses that our members shared&ndash;<i>in one place</i>&ndash;just makes our hearts
sing. This is better than the Sunday comics, folks.
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No&eacute;mi Giszpenc, Operations Team
<h3>Have you seen the Data Commons article at!</h3>
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<p>In March, <a href=""></a> published <a href="">"Creating a Stone Soup of Alternative Economy Maps and Directories"</a> by No&eacute;mi Giszpenc and Ethan Miller. <a href="">Hop on over to </a> to read about the Data Commons and how it is linking the many efforts to map the gift/solidarity/new/cooperative/rooted/generative economies. Then, please share with your members, friends, and networks. Thanks!</p>
<h3>Save the Date! 2nd Annual General Meeting: Friday June 20th 3:00-5:00 PM Eastern</h3>
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<p>We're looking forward to our 2nd Annual General Meeting in June and
are hoping for broad membership participation again this year! Please
mark your calendars and stay tuned for further notices. Also, please
think about good people to serve on the DCC Board, we will be
calling for nominations in the coming month.</p>
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<p><a href="">hOurworld</a> cooperative began its fourth year with a major expansion
in its time bank network. TimebanksUK, a thirty thousand member
organization serving England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland,
joined hOurworld. hOurworld is a community cooperative co-created by
three social architects&nbsp;&mdash; Stephen Beckett, Linda Hogan and Terry
Daniels&nbsp;&mdash; who provide software, consulting, a peer support network and
comprehensive training to time banks internationally. Their access to
online software, Time & Talents (TnT), features a mobile application
and intertrading capabilities, opening the door for service exchanges
wherever TnT is used. And, it's free.</p>
<p>While Stephen Beckett honed TnT as an &ldquo;open innovation tool,&rdquo;
converted different software users to TnT and worked with Penn State
and Palo Alto Research Center to create the mobile application, Linda
Hogan and Terry Daniels dedicated part of their first two years on a
US Walkabout, gathering personal stories from time bankers and others
about their relationships with community currencies. These histories,
rich in lessons learned, are woven into their popular Immersion
Training Program, reflecting the ebb and flow of practical and
creative economy movements from wampum to early scripts, Self Help
Exchanges to the first known time bank founded in Osaka, Japan.
hOurworld's mission of Peace, Abundance and Sharing Through Equality
In Exchange is now a widening tapestry shared with kindred
organizations including: Cooperatives; Alternative Currency Users; Buy
Local Campaigns; Transition Towns; Resiliency Hubs; Sharing/Gift
Economies and emerging networks of people reclaiming and sharing their
gifts and talents with their neighbors. hOurworld has a Knowing. It
believes this&nbsp;&mdash; We don't need another movement; we need the movements
to move together.</p>
<div class="author">
Linda Hogan, hOurworld
<h3>New Economics Institute</h3>
<div class="section">
<p>Exciting news! The New Economy Coalition (NEC) has teamed up with a
worker cooperative web firm called Palante Technology to redesign
and build out their online portal for mapping a green and fair world,
<a href=""></a>. NEC's contract with Palante Tech
included a series of conversations with the Data Commons Cooperative to ensure
that the website's data standards were optimized for sharing with other members
of the DCC. is designed to be mobile friendly via a responsive design
and will launch soon. If you have any
questions, contact <a href="">Eli
<img class="show" src="{{site.baseurl}}/images/nei_small.png" alt="screenshot of GTNE" />
<h3>Manitoba Cooperative Association</h3>
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<p><a href="">Manitoba Cooperative Association</a>
(MCA) is a provincial association
of cooperatives. Our membership is broad and reflects the diversity
of the cooperative community in Manitoba.</p>
<p>In 2008, a partnership was struck between MCA, the Province of
Manitoba and the Conseil de développement économique des municipalités
(CDEM) to create a strategy which would stimulate, broaden and sustain
the development of a socially and economically successful Manitoba
cooperative community. One of the aims of the strategy is to enhance
collaboration among cooperatives, and what better way to do that than
to create a database of Manitoba cooperatives showcasing the various
goods and services that Manitoba co-ops provide?</p>
<p>MCA joined Data Commons in 2013 and is now in the process of
gathering information from the over 400 Manitoba cooperatives to
populate its database. As you can well imagine, this is a daunting
task but one which has been made much easier with the assistance of
Data Commons. We truly appreciate their professionalism and advice
and are really looking forward to seeing the end result of our
database project.</p>
<p>If you have any tips for us in creating the database or would like
to learn more about Manitoba's cooperative strategy, we'd love to hear
from you. Please contact <a
<div class="author">
Cheryl Krostewitz, Manitoba Cooperative Association
<h3>Data for the Commons</h3>
<div class="section">
<p>As you can see, there is a lot going on among Data Commons members. You can
see more at the <a href="">Change Log</a> and if you visit
<a href=""></a>, the member-only data sharing center. New data is steadily
flowing into the Data Commons! Over the last month,
we've been reaching out to founding members and bringing in baseline data.
Our strategy is to establish this most basic foundation and then build from
there. Our latest contributions include data sets from the Cooperative
Development Institute (CDI), hOurworld, and the U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives (USFWC). CDI's data includes their
partners, collaborators, and entities that have reached out to them
for assistance, while hOurworld's data includes a comprehensive
directory of service exchanges, often known as time banks. USFWC shared their
&ldquo;Worker Cooperative Census&rdquo; data, including a comprehensive listing
of worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces, their status, location, and contact information. Many
thanks to all the members that have already submitted data to the
commons. If you would like to submit additional data sets, or to know
more about sharing data with the cooperative, please contact
<a href="">Daphne Loring</a>. Our job
is to make it easy and painless for you!
<div class="author">
Daphne Loring, Operations Team
<h3>Further reading</h3>
<div class="section">
<li>A <a href="{{site.baseurl}}/2014/04/04/changelog.html">ChangeLog of
new data contributions</a>.</li>
<li><a href="">An updated list of
co-op members</a>.</li>
Thanks to DCC board members and operations team for help
preparing this newsletter and other material,
particularly Lauren Hudson, David Morgan,
Daphne Loring, No&eacute;mi Giszpenc, Paul Fitzpatrick, and Jamie Campbell.
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