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Annual General Meeting 2015
2015-06-19 00:00:00 UTC

The third Annual General Meeting of the Data Commons co-op will be held:

Friday June 19th 2015, by phone.
3:00-5:00 PM Eastern (2:00-4:00 Central; 1:00-3:00 Mountain; 12:00-2:00 Pacific)
Conference call instructions will be were emailed to co-op members.


| Facilitator: | Lauren Taylor | | Note Taker: | Noemi Giszpenc--notes at | | Time Watcher: | Lauren Taylor |


Agenda Item Presenter/Facilitator/Notes Duration Time
I. Welcome, Roll Call, Overview of the Agenda Lauren Hudson 15 min 3:00-3:15
II. Board Elections overview Noemi Giszpenc 5 min 3:15-3:20
III. Annual Report Lauren Hudson 5 min 3:20-3:25
IV. Work of Visioning Team Facilitator: Emily Lippold-Cheney, Presenter: Noemi Giszpenc 10 mins 3:25-3:35
V. Treasurer's Report & Fundraising Overview David Morgan 20 min 3:35-3:55
VI. Dues Proposal Noemi Giszpenc 5-10 min 3:55-4:05
*** VOTING REMINDER*** Noemi Giszpenc
VII. Discussion/Feedback regarding fundraising & dues proposal Lauren Taylor 30 min 4:05-4:35
VIII. Announcement of Election results & Closing Noemi Giszpenc, Lauren Taylor, David Morgan 15min 4:35-4:50

Reading material

Please read the biographies of the candidates. Read our annual report to learn more about the co-op's activities. Read the dues proposal.

Mailing list

We invite members of the co-op, board members, staff, techies, and friends of the co-op to subscribe to our mailing list: This is a list for members, staff, and board to mingle and talk things over, and get a sense for the pulse of the co-op. It has public archives. For any private concerns start with an email to instead.

Reference material

For more background on the nature of the co-op, you can check our bylaws, or records from last year's AGM.

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