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Looking for Credit Union data?
2017-11-10 04:05:00 UTC
data gathering
credit union

Thanks to solidarity economy researcher Craig Borowiak, one of the lead researchers behind, for these tips on getting the latest information on credit unions from the National Credit Union Administration.

  1. Go to the NCUA homepage:
  2. At the bottom of the page, look for heading "Credit Union Analysis". Beneath that you will see a link to "Call Report Data". Click on that.
  3. That takes you to: Click on "Quarterly Data".
  4. That takes you to: Click on whichever quarter you'd like.
  5. That will download a zip drive of files. To find current credit union addresses, select "Credit Union Branch Information", which is a comma separated text file. You can then convert that to a CSV file in Excel.
  6. There's loads of other credit union data besides contact info.

Happy credit union data updating!

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