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A session on how to present data, illustrated with (spatial) visualizations of (open) urban data.

See the course syllabus, the introductory email and slides 50–sq. of the session for context.

The repository contains two practical demos, both of which use R.

To install the dependencies:

install.packages(c('ggplot2', 'rleafmap'))

1. Cholera deaths in London, 1854

Replicates John Snow's map of cholera in London, 1854, largely inspired by Arthur Charpentier's blog posts.

The code requires the ggplot2 package.

The data used in the demo are included in the repository and come from Michael Friendly et al.'s HistData package.

2. Bicycle sharing in Lyon, France, 2014

Replicates François Keck's example for his rleafmap package, which provides a backend to the Leaflet JavaScript library.

Both the code and data for this example come from the rleafmap package and website.