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Assorted pre-packaged Congress data

A couple of lessons:

Ideas from class

  • See if any rep. or sen. has spent more the greatest percentage of their life in public office.
  • What is the most popular hour for a hearing?
  • What are the top 5 PACS that have raised money for Trump?
  • list the 5 most common purposes of advertising and dollar amount spent
  • Member bill introduction as a function of their age
  • See which are the committees that have the most and least funding to their members
  • Identify the members of Congress that are most and least often in Congress based on the roll call votes.
  • Is there a spike in candidate spending on their birthdays?
  • Snail mail advertising expenses vs. phone vs. digital over the years
  • The least expensive Senate races
  • Rank the committees by seniority of members
  • Rank the committees by how much each member raises in campaign finance


Assorted pre-packaged Congress data



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