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Los Angeles Times Data Desk

Map, databases, analysis and visualization from a team of reporters and computer programmers in the Los Angeles Times newsroom

Python 113 23


A set of helpers for baking your Django site out as flat files

Updated Jun 30, 2016

JavaScript 0 299


forked from Quartz/Chartbuilder

Updated Jun 28, 2016

Python 0 9


forked from newsapps/p2p-python

Wrapper for Tribune's Content Services API

Updated Jun 22, 2016

Python 25 4


Django template tools for printing filler, a technique from the days of hot type known as greeking

Updated Jun 18, 2016

Jupyter Notebook 0 0


A quick analysis conducted for "Fire officials were concerned about Westlake building where 5 died in a blaze", a June 15, 2016, story by the Los Angeles Times.

Updated Jun 15, 2016


Maps of the consolidated precincts used in Los Angeles County's 2016 primary election

Updated Jun 11, 2016

CoffeeScript 5 3


Copyboy is our fork of GitHub's Campfire bot, hubot. He is aware of all Internet traditions.

Updated Jun 9, 2016


forked from exupero/saveSvgAsPng

Save SVGs as PNGs from the browser.

Updated May 4, 2016

Python 0 6


forked from eyeseast/python-frontmatter

Parse and manage posts with YAML frontmatter

Updated Apr 29, 2016

Python 0 0


A simple Python wrapper for's API

Updated Apr 26, 2016

JavaScript 0 13


forked from globeandmail/chart-tool

A responsive charting application

Updated Apr 25, 2016

Jupyter Notebook 22 2


The code behind

Updated Apr 19, 2016

JavaScript 46 12


A tutorial on how to build VR interactives using DEM data and Three.js

Updated Apr 12, 2016

Python 1 70


forked from wireservice/agate

A Python data analysis library that is optimized for humans instead of machines.

Updated Mar 16, 2016

Python 4 0


The voice of the Los Angeles Times Data Desk

Updated Mar 15, 2016

Python 43 17


So you've gone through a Django tutorial or two, maybe even built an app, and want to know how to use it for your reporting.

Updated Mar 11, 2016


forked from wireservice/lookup

A repository of journalist's lookup tables.

Updated Mar 9, 2016

Python 1 0


A Django app to download, extract and load campaign finance from the Federal Election Commission

Updated Feb 11, 2016

Python 152 32


A Python wrapper for the Associated Press' U.S. election data service.

Updated Feb 8, 2016

Python 0 19


forked from newsdev/elex

A wrapper for the AP v2 Elections API.

Updated Feb 5, 2016

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