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Management commands

Custom Django management commands for this library that help make things happen.


Bake out a site as flat files in the build directory, defined in by BUILD_DIR.

By default, this wipes the build directory if it exists, then builds any static files in the STATIC_ROOT to the STATIC_URL, any media files in the MEDIA_ROOT to the MEDIA_URL and all pages generated by the buildable views listed in BAKERY_VIEWS.

As a small bonus, files named robots.txt and favicon.ico will be placed at the build directory's root if discovered at the STATIC_ROOT.

Defaults can be modified with the following command options.

$ python build

View names passed as arguments will override the BAKERY_VIEWS list.

$ python yourapp.views.DummyL­istView


Starts a variation of Django's runserver designed to serve the static files you've built in the build directory.

$ python buildserver


Syncs your Amazon S3 bucket to be identical to the local build directory. New files are uploaded, changed files are updated and absent files are deleted.

$ python publish


Empties the build directory.

$ python unbuild


Empties the Amazon S3 bucket defined in

$ python unpublish