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Management commands

Interactions with the Table Stacker database are handled using custom Django management commands that allow you to create, update and delete tables.

Like other Django commands, they are run by interacting with the file in your project's root directory.

.. attribute:: build [options]

    Builds a static site with all the tables okayed for publication

    .. code-block:: bash

        $ python build

.. attribute:: buildserver [options]

    Delete the table outlined in the configuration file provided by the first argument.

    .. code-block:: bash

        $ python buildserver
        # Optionally, set the port for the server.
        $ python buildserver 8080

.. attribute:: publish [options]

    Sync the build directory with the Amazon S3 bucket specified in

    .. code-block:: bash

        $ python publish

.. attribute:: unbuild [options]

    Empties the build directory

    .. code-block:: bash

        $ python unbuild

.. attribute:: unpublish [options]

   Empties the Amazon S3 bucket defined in

    .. code-block:: bash

        $ python unpublish
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