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Added Kevin Schaul's name and dox. Fixes #109

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@@ -335,6 +335,14 @@ The following YAML configuration options detail how to present a number of attri
show_download_links: false
+.. attribute:: show_search_field
+ Whether or not to show a search box on the table detail page that filters the table. The default is true, so you only need to include it when you want to turn the search off.
+ .. code-block:: yaml
+ show_search_field: false
.. attribute:: show_in_feeds
Whether the table will show in the sitemap, RSS feeds and public-facing list pages. The default is true, so you only need to include it when you want to set it to false.
@@ -822,5 +830,6 @@ This project would not be possible without the generous work of people like:
* `Chris Amico <>`_, who did the noble work of porting table-fu to `Python <>`_.
* Christian Bach, the man who gave us `tablesorter <>`_.
* Thomas Suh Lauder, who has suggested many style improvements and formatting options.
+* `Kevin Schaul <>`_, who submitted the show_search_field option.
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