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Meme (Data Desk remix)

Meme is a generator that Vox Media uses to create social sharing images. See working version at

This is the Los Angeles Times Data Desk's fork. Here is what we added:

  • Options to change the image's aspect ratio
  • Options to set a solid background color
  • Los Angeles Times fonts
  • Los Angeles Times watermarks
  • Linebreaks allowed in the headlines
  • Deployment script to build static site inside newsroom VPN


How to deploy (at the LA Times)

Edit the source directory to make the changes you want

You can fire up the test server locally by running:

$ make serve

Build the source files into a working static site

Like so:

$ make build

Commit your work

Use Git to commit your work to our repository.

# Add the changes
$ git add .
# Log your work
$ git commit -m "A precise message goes here"
# Push it up to GitHub
$ git push origin master

Deploy your changes to our production server under Ben's desk

$ fab deploy