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Other objects

Other types of data provided by the DocumentCloud system.


Notes left in documents.

.. attribute:: annotation_obj.access

    The privacy level of the resource within the DocumentCloud system. It will be either ``public`` or ``private``.

.. attribute:: annotation_obj.description

    Space for a lengthy text block that will be published below the highlighted text in the DocumentCloud design.

.. attribute::

    The unique identifer of the document in DocumentCloud's system.

.. attribute:: annotation_obj.location

    The location of where the annotation appears on the document's page. Defined by the :ref:`locations` class.

.. attribute::

    The page where the annotation appears.

.. attribute:: annotation_obj.title

    The name of the annotation, which appears in the table of contents and above the highlighted text when published by DocumentCloud.


Keywords extracted from documents with OpenCalais.

.. attribute:: location_obj.relevance

    The weighting associated with this connection by OpenCalais. Higher numbers are supposed to be more relevant.

.. attribute:: location_obj.type

    The category of entity the value belongs to.

.. attribute:: location_obj.value

    The name of the entity extracted from the document (i.e. "Los Angeles" or "Museum of Modern Art")


The location where :ref:`annotations` are placed within a document.

.. attribute:: location_obj.bottom

    The value of the bottom edge of an annotation.

.. attribute:: location_obj.left

    The value of the left edge of an annotation.

.. attribute:: location_obj.right

    The value of the right edge of an annotation.

.. attribute::

    The value of the top edge of an annotation.


Mentions of a search keyword found in one of the documents.

.. attribute::

    The page where the mention occurs.

.. attribute:: mention_obj.text

    The text surrounding the mention of the keyword.


Sections of the documents earmarked by users.

.. attribute:: section_obj.title

    The name of the section.

.. attribute::

    The page where the section begins.
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