MIDI Remote Script integrating the K-Mix with Ableton Live.
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This repository will store all of the python files for the MIDI Remote Script integrating the K-Mix with Ableton Live. Feel free to request features, and report bugs.

As of version 1.1, I rebuilt most of the script. I will be leaving ver 1.0 up, but will not be updating that folder going forward.

This script will work (for now) with the out of the box MIDI settings for the K-Mix in MIDI bank 1. You simply need to place the K_Mix_ver_X_X folder into your MIDI remote scripts directory.

Feel free to reach out: evanbeta@keithmcmillen.com

Version Notes:

b0.1: Added control over the first 8 channels, and the master fader. 3/16

b0.1.1: Added a sesison view and navigation to give access to all tracks. Added track select buttons. Added Panning, and Send conttrol for the selected track. 3/17

b0.1.2: Added scene launch buttons. The script operates on an 8 track, by 6 scene clip matrix. 4/1

b0.1.3: Added LED handling for the track select buttons 4/15

b0.1.4: Added device pararmeter mode (that was tougher than I thought!) 4/20

b0.1.5: Added device selection and pararmeter bacnking buttons. 5/31

1.0!: Added VU metering mode, and fixed some bugs. 7/13

1.1: Rebuilt most of the script to allow for more flexibility down the road. Added Return tracks to mixer/VUMode. Rebuilt the documentation.