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80legs JSON to CSV Converter

###Before you use it

Using this converter script requires you have Node.js installed. If you don't, you can follow the instructions here.

It will also help to have Git installed to easily download the code, but this is not necessary.

###How to use it

From your command line (assuming you're using git on linux):

> git clone git@github.com:datafiniti/80legsResultScripts.git
> cd 80legsResultScripts/ConvertCrawlResultsToCSV/
> node ConvertCrawlResultsToCSV.js "https://your_token:@api.80legs.com/v2/crawls/your_crawl" > outfile.csv

This clones this repository to your local machine, navigates to the directory containing the JSON > CSV converter, and then runs it for one of your crawls, outputting the resulting CSV data to a newly-created file called "outfile.csv".

###Things to be aware of

  1. This tool will only work with crawls using default 80apps created by us. It will not work with any custom 80apps you build, but if you're familiar with Javascript, it should be easy to make the necessary changes for compatibility.
  2. This tool assumes results are available for the crawl. However, the crawl does not need to be complete.