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Guide to using the RDFDatabank API

The directory contains example python code that services can use for interacting with the Databank API.
There are two sets of examples
    This uses the helper class which in turn uses httplib to make http calls.
    It has code on using GET, POST, PUT and DELETE methods for interacting with the API and works over both http / https.

2. or
    This is exmaple code to POST items to Databank using urllib2.
    The form data is constructed is slightly differently in and which can be seen in and respectively.

RDFDatabank was developed by Ben O'Steen and Anusha Ranganathan at the Bodleian Libraries, Universiy of Oxford 

The purpose of DataBank is to provide a robust and efficient system for the safe storage of and open access to research data.

The API documentation for using RDFdatabank is at or

The source code for databank is available at
The test code for databank can be found in

    DataBank is not intended to store large-scale data sets such as grid data or other vast data sets. 
    All of the metadata relating to the dataset is in the file manifest.rdf. The system generated metadata will contain a listing of the files in the dataset, date of submission and the current version

    If the dataset contains a README file in the top level (i.e. not within a folder), the contents of this file will be displayed at the top of the page for that dataset within

    If the dataset contains a file called 'manifest.rdf' and it is valid rdf, the metadata in this file will be merged with the system geenrated metadata, when the dataset is unpacked within

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