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GitHub Webhook Wrapper

The GitHub Webhook Wrapper allows one to maintain a single endpoint (web URL) for all GitHub web hooks, as defined here:

The endpoint is a simple Python CGI script which parses the payload from the GitHub WebHook, and launches local scripts (if they exist) in the following order:

  • scripts/repo
  • scripts/repo-branch
  • scripts/all

For example, if your repo were named 'my-awesome-repo' and you committed data to the 'master' branch, the following scripts would be executed (again, only if they exist):

  • scripts/my-awesome-repo
  • scripts/my-awesome-repo-master
  • scripts/all

Note that the 'all' script will be called for every commit, to any repo, and any branch.

Installation and Setup

First clone the repository:

$ git clone

Create a script:

$ touch github-webhook-wrapper/scripts/my-repo

$ chmod +x github-webhook-wrapper/scripts/my-repo

Note that the script can be any scripting language you prefer, however it must have a #!shebang line at the top of the file, and must be executable by the web server (i.e. www-root, apache, etc).

See the examples directory for usage help.

Configuring Apache

It is not required to use Apache, you simply need to configure whatever web server to honor '.cgi' scripts. The following is an example config, note that we obscure the location by adding an MD5 sum to the Alias. This is not necessary, but will help prevent anyone randomly accessing your hook URL.
Likely the simplest approach is to just restrict who can access the URL.. currently the GitHub sources are and You may consider adding HTTP Basic Authentication, SSL, and adding auth creds to the URL also, however that is beyond the scope of this example.

AddHandler cgi-script .cgi
Alias /5972d04b6930419baf200bcfab8ca71f /path/to/github-webhook-wrapper

And restart Apache. In this example, your URL endpoint would be:

Accessing The Payload Data

The entire payload is passed as a single JSON string argument to every script. The payload structure is outlined here:

Again, see the examples directory for usage help.


Launch Custom Scripts For Any Repo/Branch From a Single Webhook Endpoint







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