this is a working cookbook that installs oracle jdk on required systems from a local file
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df_java cookbook

this cookbook writes a recipe for local installation of Oracle based Java for the system. It only works with a system based on


  • NOTE1: This cookbook (along with almost all dataFundamentals cookbooks) requires that you have local binaries to install other programs. If you are looking to use these as is, download the df_base cookbook to pull all the repositories. If you are looking to only pull certain binaries, please select the install flavor you would like in the attributes. The only one currently available is for Maven *NOTE2: Please look at the .kitchen.yml file and adjust the synced folder from what we have run or it won't work

This is only tested on the following Operating systems, so there is no guarantee that it works for others. Odds are it is pretty universally translatable.

This is designed to work using a local binary. the one for this cookbook is located at

  • CentOS 6.4, 6.5
  • Ubuntu 12.04


This cookbook is consumed by instances that use the java to perform various functions. In this case it is just about everything in the world.


default['df_1']['path'] : This is a non-consumed attribute that we are going to keep to modify the cookbook as soon as we figure out the bug. At this point due to the modularity for the cookbook, this is going to be designed as a placeholder until we figure out a better approach.


  • default: Pretty self explanatory, am I right?
  • set_java_home: this sets the path to the JVM which is necessary for other programs to function properly. This is written as a case statement due to the installation difference between Ubuntu and CentOS based distributions.

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Author:: Jeff Carapetyan (