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jTimeSched ChangeLog
release 0.1
- everything
release 0.2
- option for resetting today-time on double-click
release 0.3
- fixed bug when column sorting was active and project-list became empty
- added history.ico (may be used for Windows shortcuts)
- set frame minimum width
- set fixed width for column overall and today
- added bottom label for displaying summarized information
- when adding a new project start editing the cell, scroll to it and select all text and finally set input focus
- improved user message strings
- implemented overall-time reset
- remove project with double click and without confirm-dialog
- update trayicon with status and set different icon if active
- handle system-tray not supported case
release 0.4
- allow sorting by status running/paused
- save window settings: size, position, visibility and sort-column
release 0.5
- implemented categories using colors
- implemented manually editing time for overall/today
- tray-icon: gray for inactive, green for active
release 0.6
- fixed: adjust time-overall when manually setting time-today
- category chooser:
- changed available colors
- added option for choosing custom color
- fixed possible loss of data: installed shutdown-hook for saving projects
release 0.7
- when a project is running, set different window icon as well
- added icons for custom/reset-color buttons
- added additional column with multi-purpose checkbox
- implemented logging of project changes
- save runtime-file in separate directory
- save/load projects as XML instead of using java serialization
- implemented highlighting of rows by keyword
release 0.8
- fixed: save project data as UTF-8 no matter what encoding is set by system locale
release 0.9
- start/pause current project via tray-menu
- created Java application launcher (Windows & Unix)
- added keyboard shortcuts for start/pause, new and delete project
- on startup copy project file as backup
- option for removing all general-purpose checkboxes at once
- worked around bug where projects were not saved on a hard shutdown
release 1.0
- fixed inserting a new project with shortcut key when no table row selected
- date of creation can now be edited
- option for removing and color-reset all entries
- added quota option for time today and overall
- additional notes for a project
- added a log area, which visibility can be toggled
release 1.1
- show time-quota on mouse-mouse over overall/today cell
- indicate present quota by a little blue dot in cell
- automatically un-check projects on today-time-reset
- ampersand-character in project-title not shown in tray-tooltip (Windows)
- new application icon (different sizes) and more distinguishable icon when inactive
- moved resource files (graphics) into JAR
- fixed jTimeSched.exe-launcher for 64-bit systems
- better error messages when projects/settings fail to load