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Odin Project - recreate the google homepage - difficult version
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Odin Project - build the google search results page - difficult version

This is a project created for The assignment is to recreate the google search results page: Tools used: Sublime, Chrome, Firefox, Git, Github, Gimp, Linux, Udacity

I have limited experience with html and css and probably spent way too much time on this simple project but am mostly please with how it turned out. There are a few problems I gave up on and are noted on the index.html file as comments.

I need to cite as a source because I used a project created there as a basis for this project. The course titled, Intro to HTML and CSS, started with a basic idea of box model and simplified bootstrap. This project was layed out with col sizes as a % of the page width. See main.css for clarity.

Udacity Class Link:

From The Odin Project's curriculum

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