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CKAN Quality Assurance Extension

The ckanext-qa extension will check each of your package resources and give these resources an openness score based Tim Berners-Lee's five stars of openness (

It also provides a Dashboard that allows you to view broken links and openness scores.

Once you have run the qa commands (see 'Using The QA Extension' below), resources and packages will have a set of openness key's stores in their extra properties.


Before installing ckanext-qa, make sure that you have installed the following:


Install the plugin using pip. Download it, then from the ckanext-qa directory, run

$ pip install -e ./

This will register a plugin entry point, so you can now add the following to the [app:main] section of your CKAN .ini file:

ckan.plugins = qa <other-plugins>

After you reload the site, the Quality Assurance plugin and openness score interface should be available at http://your-ckan-instance/qa


The QA extension now depends on the CKAN Archiver extension and CKAN 1.5 (with Celery).

You must also make sure that the following is set in your CKAN config:

ckan.site_url = <URL to your CKAN instance>

Using The QA Extension

QA: analyze the results of the archiving step and calculating resource/package openness ratings.

This step can be performed by running the associated paster command from the ckanext-qa directory.

$ paster qa update|clean [package name/id] --config=<path to ckan config file>

update or clean will either update the package resources or remove everything changed by the QA Extension respectively.

The command can be run on just a single package by giving the package name or ID after the update/clean subcommand. If no package name is given, the database is scanned for a list of all packages and the command is run on each one.

After you run the archive and qa commands, the QA results can be viewed at


API Access

The QA Extension exposes the following API endpoints:






You can run the test suite from the ckanext-qa directory. The tests require nose and mock, so install them first if you have not already done so:

$ pip install nose mock

Then, run nosetests from the ckan directory

$ nosetests --ckan <path to ckanext-qa>/tests
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