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Implement RDF::List support #27

bhuga opened this Issue · 4 comments

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Also investigate other rdf data types.


Is there any progress being made on this internally?

I think it would be very useful to have rdf:Lists supported by Spira natively as they are quite common.
I did actually implement a rough (very) version of a Spira::Types::List, but did not test it very much. (It's more like an experiment right now.)

So, should I create a pull request for that or are you already working on it?


It would indeed be very useful but I haven't had time to investigate this. I'd like to see what you did to get this working.


@bhuga So, sorry that it did take so awfully long...

It does serialize between plain Arrays and RDF::List , but I don't know what to do about blank nodes for now.
I did implement it for a little project, but it involved exposing the underlaying repository/graph, which wasn't quite beautiful. Any ideas about it?

It lives in a branch of mine.


This project has moved to ruby-rdf/spira. If this issue is still relevant, please resubmit it over there.

@bendiken bendiken closed this
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