Expert Group

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Guidelines for contributing to Data Grids via the Expert Group (EG)

EG Membership

We intend to develop Data Grids on an open mailing list to which EG members can post, and anyone can read. Some discussions may require you to have signed the JSPA in which case you will need to apply via the JCP page. You may just want to have your name listed on the JCP pages also!

We will have occasional phone calls as needed! You can find call in details at conference call details page.


In addition to the mailing lists, we use this project's issue tracker to track issues. Please use the issue tracker only to report bugs in the API code developed. Queries about the spec should be sent to the mailing list.

The current draft of the specification we be available on Google Docs at TBC -. We encourage EG members to get involved in the writing of the spec, however remember it is the duty of the specification lead to ensure that the specification is consistent and well written, so expect some backwards and forwards before your contribution is accepted!

Please contact the spec lead if you wish to work on the specification document.

Guidelines for interacting with the EG

We hope the EG can be a friendly and informal place to work, and as such we have laid out a few guidelines which it will help if you follow.

Try to make every post or comment say something meaningful. Endless "I agree" or "+1" emails aren't that useful and distract from the real discussion about API improvements. Of course, if you strongly disagree with a proposal, please speak up, but in general silence is taken as approval!

Thirdly, please try keep the EG a pleasant place - there is no need for rants, swearing or personal comments - these cannot help the specification in anyway. If you want to make an argument, back it up with concrete statements and examples.

Finally, the EG should be a place where consensus is reached, so in general we won't vote on issues.

Community Sponsored Issues

There are a number of issues which have merit (i.e. are addressing a valid problem/use case for Data Grids) but which have not been identified as a priority by the spec lead. If an EG member wishes to see this issue resolved in the spec, then they can sponsor the issue. Practically this means that the sponsor:

  • is responsible for the spec changes (with help/review from spec lead)
  • is responsible for TCK tests (help from TCK lead, review from spec lead)
  • is responsible for implementing the feature in the RI