Mission Statement

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Note The mission statement is still being drafted by the EG

This specification (JSR-347) aims to specify APIs and behaviors necessary to be build portable applications which storing their data in a distributed data grid, including retrieving, storing and managing the data.

The primary API will be built upon JSR-107, the JCACHE API. In addition to it’s generified Map-like API to access a Cache, JSR-107 defines SPIs for spooling in-memory data to persistent storage, an API for obtaining a named Cache from a CacheManager and an API to register event listeners. It also offers a number of optional features such as annotation support and transaction integration.

JSR-347 proposes to add a number of abilities, including: an async API, support for distributed code execution (both arbitrary and based around map/reduce), a grouping (co-location) API, CDI (Contexts and Dependency Injection) support (building on the annotation support in JSR-107), modes of operation (replication vs. distribution), varying levels of consistency for distribution (total vs. eventual) and both programmatic and XML based configuration.

Read Proposed Features for more information.