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A collection of useful hooks

The scripts in this directory are intended for use with modular-git-hooks.

None of these files are required for dispatch to work.

In many cases, these hooks may be used without dispatch if you wish, and if you only need one hook per hook-type.

If you have cloned modular-git-hooks to some system-level location like /opt/lib/githooks/, and you have used install-dispatch to get dispatch symlinked into your repository's .git/hooks directory, you may install any of these examples by symlinking to them. The result looks like:

└── .git/
    └── hooks/
        ├── post-checkout -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/dispatch
        ├── post-checkout.d
        │   └── make -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/hooks/post-checkout.d/make
        ├── post-receive -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/dispatch
        ├── post-receive.d
        │   └── update-upon-push -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/hooks/post-receive.d/update-upon-push
        ├── update -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/dispatch
        └── update.d
            └── update-upon-push-guard -> /opt/lib/modular-git-hooks/hooks/update.d/update-upon-push-guard



  • TODO "git push" to update your website if you have a "dumb" webserver that may only receive files
  • TODO detect/reject/warn about files that shouldn't or probably shouldn't be in the repo like .egg-info, .pyc, .orig (defaults + configurable with git config) (server and local)
  • TODO detect/reject code that has merge markers left in
  • TODO warn about big binary files
  • TODO detect/reject/warn about big files that get added and removed in the same push, needlessly inflating the history
  • TODO apply linters, style checks, schema validators to source code (local vs. remote)
  • TODO check to see if there will be conflicts when merging with parent branch
  • TODO access controls to special protected branches
  • TODO abstract into a helper library the pattern of "warn about problems using local hooks to help devs, block those same problems using remote hooks to protect (certain branches of) the repo"


Copyright 2015 Michael F. Lamb. This software is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or any later version.